Blood Culture Results You Can Trust.

Steripath® Gen2 is the simple, all-in-one solution clinically proven to reduce false-positive blood culture results. Reduce your blood culture contamination rate to improve patient safety and key quality outcomes, while significantly reducing unnecessary antibiotic usage, length of stay and hospital costs.*

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FDA-cleared with an exclusive indication for reducing blood culture contamination¹

Clinical & cost effectiveness studies published in CID, JEN, AJIC, JCM and JHI*

Backed by a money-back, Clinical Performance Guarantee²

Now Available

Integrated Syringe Collection

Steripath Gen2 is now available with an integrated syringe configuration for use on difficult venous access patients and hospitals with syringe collection protocols. This configuration comes preassembled to save you time and avoid risk of touch-point contamination, compared to other methods.

Watch How Steripath Works

Steripath Gen2 actively diverts and sequesters the initial 1.5-2.0mL of blood, the volume known to contain contaminants.³ Blood cultures are then collected through a second flow path, creating a closed vein-to-bottle collection system.

What makes Steripath so effective?

Steripath's proprietary technology and easy-to-use design enable you to deliver the definitive diagnostic results your patients deserve

Steripath Gen2 Diversion Volume
Evidence-Based Diversion Volume

1.5-2.0mL is the diversion volume clinically proven effective in peer-reviewed, published, controlled studies.³

Steripath Gen2 user controlled pressure
User-Controlled Active Diversion

Gentle negative pressure assists in drawing the diverted blood, critical for hard stick patients.

Designed to prevent bypassing diversion
Engineered Compliance

Uniquely designed to prevent the end-user from collecting the specimen until diversion is complete.

Luer Extension
Clinically Proven for IV Starts

Steripath has been clinically proven effective with peripheral IV starts and venipuncture.*

Steripath secondary blood collection pathway
Secondary Collection Pathway

A secondary blood collection pathway automatically opens for specimen collection once diversion is complete.

Best Practice Kit (BD)
Available in a Customizable Kit

Everything you need to standardize blood culture collection best practices.

Guaranteed results, or your money back.

Every Steripath Gen2 device is backed by our Clinical Performance Guarantee. Reduce blood culture contamination rates at your hospital by at least 50%, or get your money back.²

Nurse using steripath gen2 integrated syringe
Steripath Gen2 product family

Seamless integration into all blood culture protocols


10mL & 20mL integrated syringe configurations

Compatible with:
BD BACTEC™, bioMérieux BACT/ALERT™, Thermo Fisher Scientific VersaTREK™ blood culture bottles

Available with:
21G butterfly safety needle, 23G butterfly safety needle, CT compatible Luer (for IV starts) extension sets

Make an impact at your hospital by reducing blood culture contamination

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* Multiple studies (Rupp M., et al; “Reduction in Blood Culture Contamination Through Use of Initial Specimen Diversion Device.” Clinical Infectious Diseases (Aug. 2017); Bell, M., et al. (2018). Effectiveness of a Novel Specimen Collection System in Reducing Blood Culture Contamination Rates. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 44(6): 570-5753; Zimmerman, F., et al.: “Reducing blood culture contamination using an initial specimen diversion device. American Journal of Infection Control (2018); Chang D., et al; Impact of Blood Culture Diversion Device and Molecular Pathogen Identification on Vancomycin Use. Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Conference (Spring 2017); Doern, G., et al. “A Comprehensive Update on the Problem of Blood Culture Contamination and a Discussion of Methods for Addressing the Problem.” Clinical Microbiology Reviews (2019); Skoglund, E., et al.: "Estimated Clinical and Economic Impact Through Use of a Novel Blood Collection Device (Steripath) to Reduce Blood Culture Contamination in the Emergency Department: A Cost-Benefit Analysis.” J Clin Microbiol. (2019); Geisler, B., et al.: “A Model to Evaluate the Impact of Hospital-Based Interventions Targeting False-Positive Blood Cultures on Economic and Clinical Outcomes.” Journal of Hospital Infection (2019))


  1. Indicated to reduce the frequency of blood culture contamination when contaminants are present, compared to standard method controls without diversion
  2. Additional terms and conditions may apply
  3. Richard G. Patton Blood Culture Contamination Definitions Can Obscure the Extent of Blood Culture Contamination: A New Standard for Satisfactory Institution Performance Is Needed. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, Available on CJO 2016 doi:10.1017/ice.2016.30