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The New Standard in Blood Culture Contamination Reduction

Steripath® Gen2 (ISDD®) is supported by independent published clinical study results of 12-month sustained rates as low as 0.2% in the ED.2 With improved test results, patients can benefit from reduced risk of sepsis misdiagnosis and unnecessary antibiotic treatment.

Divert harmful contaminants with one simple squeeze.

Steripath mechanically diverts and sequesters the initial 1.5-2.0 mL of blood, the volume known to most likely contain contaminants.1 Blood cultures are then collected through an independent sterile flow path maintaining a closed vein-to-bottle system.

Features & Technology

Diversion Volume
Evidence-Based Diversion Volume

According to independent clinical studies, 1.5-2.0mL is the recommended volume of blood to divert to reduce blood culture contamination.¹

Luer Extension
Supports IV Start Draws

The 9”, CT compatible Luer extension remains with the patient after blood culture collection. Disconnection at the IV hub is not required.

User Controlled Diversion
User-Controlled Diversion

Gentle negative pressure assists in drawing the diverted blood, critical for ‘hard stick’ patients.

Sterile Pathway
Independent, Sterile Flow Path

A second independent flow path automatically opens for specimen collection upon completion of diversion.

No Assembly
No Assembly Required

Comes pre-assembled and sterile to significantly reduce touch point contamination, providing a closed vein-to-bottle system.

Best Practice Kit (BD)
Available in a Customizable Kit

Customized best practice kits for consistent, sustainable, guaranteed result.


Guaranteed clinical results,
or your money back.

Guarantee Badge

50% Reduction Guarantee

We back Steripath with a clinical performance guarantee of a 50% or greater sustained reduction in blood culture contamination or your money back.

Rebate Badge

0.5% Rate Rebate

When used with the Best Practice Blood Culture Kit, and the 50% reduction has been surpassed, Magnolia Medical provides a $1,000 credit for any contamination above a 0.5% rate.

*additional terms and conditions may apply

Steripath® Blood Culture Collection System

Offering Universal Compatibility

Bottle Compatibility:
Steripath Gen2 BD Luer
Available Extensions
21G Safety Needle
23G Safety Needle
Luer (IV Start)

Make an impact at your hospital by reducing blood culture contamination

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1) Richard G. Patton Blood Culture Contamination Definitions Can Obscure the Extent of Blood Culture Contamination: A New Standard for Satisfactory Institution Performance Is Needed. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, Available on CJO 2016 doi:10.1017/ice.2016.30
2) M. Rupp, et al:Reduction in Blood Culture Contamination Through Use of Initial Specimen Diversion Device. Clinical Infectious Diseases (August 2017)