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SteriPath Gen2 Blood Culture Collection System
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Partnering with you to eliminate blood culture contamination

Steripath has been clinically proven to virtually eliminate the preventable error of blood culture contamination and false-positive results for sepsis.

Clinically Proven, Guaranteed Results.

Lee Health Improves Sepsis Testing Accuracy

Lee Health clinicians reported an 83% reduction in false positive diagnostic results for bloodstream infections like sepsis, following the adoption of Steripath across the health system’s four emergency departments.

UNMC Clinical Trials

Used by reputable hospitals around the country and proven in countless clinical trials– Steripath has been clinically proven to sustain a blood culture rate of 0.2% and a reduction in false positives by 92%.

MUSC Health Achieves Unprecedented Results

The Medical University of South Carolina achieved a nearly four-fold decrease in contaminated blood cultures in their Emergency Department, sustained over 20 months. They discuss their experience with Steripath and the impact that improved sepsis diagnostic accuracy has on patient safety.


Association for Vascular Access 2018
September 15-18, 2018 | Columbus, OH | Booth #111

Emergency Nursing Association 2018
September 26-29, 2018 | Pittsburg, PA | Booth #526

Our Vision

Through our focus on specimen integrity and testing accuracy, we aim to:

patient misdiagnoses and ensuing mistreatments
lives at minimum
in direct cost savings for our hospital customers

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behind Steripath

Transforming Medical Care for Providers and Patients

We are focused on improving critical processes and technologies to deliver unprecedented efficiency, effectiveness, and optimal patient outcomes.  With over 42 patents in our portfolio, we’ll keep innovating until we change the status quo.