Dennis F. Capovilla

Executive Director Powis Inc.

Dennis Capovilla is a Silicon Valley executive whose 25+ year career has included senior management positions at Fortune 100, microcap and startup companies where he has garnered recognition for his entrepreneurial insight and strategic acumen. Mr. Capovilla currently serves on numerous boards and is Executive Director at Powis Inc.

As President and CEO of Southwall Technologies, an innovative thin film technology company focused on energy efficiency products, Mr. Capovilla restructured and turned around this underperforming company. He revitalized R&D, expanded sales, drove M&A activities and took the company on NASDAQ. He ultimately executed the strategic exit with the successful sale to Solutia; multiplying shareholder value by 5x in a short period of time.

At Palm, Mr. Capovilla restructured the enterprise go-to-market strategy and created a medical vertical for mobile clinical trials. At Fatbrain, a pioneering ecommerce company, Mr. Capovilla oversaw explosive growth and played a key role in the company’s NASDAQ IPO. As President and CEO of Fatbrain, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year for Technology by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2000. He later achieved a successful exit for Fatbrain by engineering the sale of the company to Barnes & Noble.
Previous to this role, Mr. Capovilla served as Director of Apple’s Imaging Division where he led a $250M division and held numerous sales leadership positions with the Xerox Corporation.