Blood Culture Contamination: Target Zero

Clinically Proven Results

Steripath was exhaustively tested in a prospective, controlled, matched pair study performed by phlebotomists with results published in Clinical Infectious Diseases - with a sustained contamination rate of 0.2% and a 92% reduction in false positive results.  

In many other published studies using Steripath, the average blood culture contamination rate was below or equal to 0.5% and also reduced contamination up to 92%.  

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Published Date: July 2017

92% reduction in blood culture contamination estimated to save $1.8M per year

San Antonio Military Medical Center
Department of Defense Healthcare Quality and Safety Award Winner 2016

92% reduction in blood culture contamination estimated to save $235,000 in less than five months

Medical University of South Carolina
Institute for Healthcare Improvement 2016

86% reduction in blood culture contamination driving expansion to an additional ED and ICU

San Antonio Military Medical Center
Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America 2017

37% decrease in Vancomycin days of therapy

VA - North Texas Health Care System
Green Belt Project 2016

69% reduction in blood culture contamination (blended rate) estimated to save $332,500 over five months


Sustained Customer Results 

In addition to clinical study environments, Steripath has repeatedly outperformed traditional blood culture collection methods in emergency departments across the nation.

"Implementing Steripath has dramatically decreased our contamination rates, resulting in savings through reduced length of stay and improved patient outcomes across all four campus emergency departments."  

Mary B., MSN, RN, CEN, Fort Myers, FL

“[Steripath] has helped us to lower our blood culture contamination rates from above 3% on a monthly basis to below the national benchmark for every succeeding month after our initiation of the device. Magnolia provided great resources and training for the system which definitely aided in our success. The majority of the staff like the device and find it rather easy to use after the proper training. We are going to continue to use the device and ride along with Magnolia through this journey of success!”

Jessica P., MSN, RN, CEN, Cape Coral, FL

The evidence speaks for itself.

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